Tribal Wars 2 Beginner Guide


With this Tribal Wars 2 guide you can easily join top players.

If you are a beginner and have no experience in games of such types – you didn’t play Tribal Wars then this manual is for you. After logging in you can go through tutorial that will teach you the basis of the game, however if you want to achieve more or if you are annoyed by neighbors that attacks you then in this manual I’ll explain you my vision of this game that allows me to be hunter not game…

Firstly you need to understand that Tribal Wars 2 is not Sims! It’s not worth to focus on constructing unnecessary buildings and surely it’s not worth to invest in clay pite, iron mine or sawmill. The best option of spending raw materials is recruiting of army. First unit that you can recruit is defensive Spearman that is good in defense against cavalry, it is fast enough unit of infantry, and also can carry solid portion of raw materials. You need to invest in these Spearman and don’t let them stay idly in your settlement.

In game on the map you will find many barbarian villages that have no defense and what is best they produce raw materials. By sending Spearman to attack you’ll quickly top your warehouses up – quicker than by extension of mines and sawmill. With significant amount of Spearman create template – e.g. 20 Spearman in group. With use of templates you can quickly send army to barbarian villages and gain more and more raw materials.

By sending units in this manner you will secure raw materials for recruiting of army for couple hours forward and also set construction queue.

Buildings that are worth to extent are Headquarters, Barracks, Farm and Warehouse – other are less important. If you’re often under attack then it is worth to invest in Wall. If you don’t want someone to destroy your units at night then before going to sleep send them to distant barbarian villages so they come back in the morning.

At the start of the game you have 50 coins. In my opinion it is worth to spend them on expanding of construction queue to enable it to expand village when you have no time to start construction of some building.